Trac411 is a secure and shared MediaWiki webhosting service.

Trac411 is a packaged MediaWiki web hosting package with Mezzo Host for those who do not require a dedicated domain name and want a secure online wiki for personal or company use.

Our Canadian MediaWiki Hosting Package includes:

* 10 GB Disk Space
* 100 GB Monthly Data Transfer
* Two available MySQL Databases
* Setup and configuration
* Privacy Password Protection Options
* Dedicated MediaWiki Email Support
* Free use of SSL

$60/year or $10/month

+ $25 one-time setup cost.


Extra Resources (can be pro-rated to end of term)

* $20/year/per extra 10 GB Disk Space
* $20/year/per extra 100 GB Monthly Data Transfer
* $20/year/per additional MySQL Database
* $20/year/per 3 exclusive email addresses with webmail access.
* $20 for backup restorations (weekly backups)